Righteous Babe Records

Long before they ever thought of buying a church, singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco and her manager, Scot Fisher, wanted to see their hometown make fuller use of its abundant resources, from its magnificent buildings to its local businesses to its seemingly unending supply of creative individuals. They were also infused with the spirit of DIY, seeing little reason to sign to an outside record label which would surely dictate the direction of Ani’s career.

That’s why, in the early 1990s—an era when “success” was still defined by moving to the big city and hoping to get “discovered” by the big leagues—Ani and Scot chose to keep things small and local. Turning down offers from labels both major and indie, they started their own company, and kept it based in Buffalo. Initially devoted to releasing Ani’s own albums, over time Righteous Babe began to develop its own eclectic roster of artists and became a source of inspiration to other musicians. To this day, Righteous Babe Records makes as many of the products they sell as possible through partnering with local vendors from their hometown.

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